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Tips to choose cottages in kodaikanal Packing for your tour? we hope everything has arranged.  Nowadays making arrangements is a simple but making best is there has never been progressively decision and that can be overpowering and leave you brimming with inquiries. Let our answernare, will help you to choose your's perfect! For Families who would prefer safe , we have personalized Family Cottages and Gate Cottages . You can select your own cottages with all of your family's needs. Gate cottage is the perfect choice for the parents who have kids. We offer all the personalized Kodaikanal Picnic Tour to the family to make their stay memorable. Having fun is the only thing that the families need to do. We will do the rest of the things from our amazing collection of cottages. You can have family get together in family cottages with spacious lawn. Family members can have the walk around the kodaikanal lake and Bryant Park. Family members can have a good tim