Carnival Kodaikanal Cottages

The Carnival Resort is situated in downtown territory of Kodaikanal at about 1.5km from the Lake Picnic, Naidupuram. The resort faces strong and lush forests. The forests that the resort overlooks are beautiful, tall and ancient. AT each moment the charming looking valley and melodious calls of our feathered friends will invite you jovially to land your feet in the misty valleys.

Activities and Amenities:

Travel Desk
Conference Hall
Especially in the monsoons, the resort offers an amazing perspective of the delightful mountains and the appeal of Kodaikanal.The accommodations of the resort are spread out over 30 perfectly decorated rooms that exude an exquisite feel. The exclusive guest rooms are where you can revel in the luxury, tranquillity and pleasant air of freshness as soon as you set foot in the resort. The courteous staff will wait on you hand and feet, making you feel like royalty itself

Location: Carnival Kodaikanal Cottages, Tamil Nadu 624101


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