Book Forest Cottages in Kodaikanal - Bison Wells Resort

If rustic and cut off is what you want your holiday at Kodaikanal to be, then opt to stay at Bison Wells Jungle Lodge. Located on the Camp George Compound at Pudukad hill, the Bison wells Jungle Lodges are what you would call, the most basic accommodations. There is no electricity, Fan, Tv, AC or running water, the idea is that you stay in the company of nature alone

As charming as basics can get the accommodations are made out of mud and wood and present a jaw-dropping view of the misty valleys. The food is available on call and if the reports are to be believed, is something right out of a dream gourmet.

Location for this forest Cottages in Kodaikanal : Camp George, Observatory Post Office, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624103

Lets book at +91 7502345777 or visit our website:


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